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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Polaroid Photo Stand

I found this idea on Flickr, on Patrick Ng's photostream. It's a sweet Polaroid photo stand made from a salvaged Polaroid film cartridge.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mobile Printers

This is the Polaroid PoGo. A handheld portable inkless (Zink - Zero Ink) printer. It allows you to print photos on the fly either via Bluetooth from your mobile phone (or $$$ camera), a direct connection to your digital camera via Pictbridge software, or your computer. Also,

Fujifilm has come out with their own version, but I'm not sure that it is inkless. You can check out a brief review here. The only thing I like about it (more than the PoGo), is that it doesn't print borderless. I like the playing card sized irregular borders of the MP-300 Pivi from Fujifilm.

You may also have heard the grave news that Polaroid is discontinuing their analog instant film. Please mourn this eminent loss with me. But, also gain courage, strength, and hope as we seek to defy the impossible, and bring back Polaroid instant film!

I like this idea of mobile photo printing. It allows for so many possibilities for a creatives like myself, or photographers, scrap-bookers, etc. I love the idea of photo journaling, that I could snap shots with my phone or digital camera, print them, and immediately paste them into my journal and write about them. I can't help but think of backpacking through Europe with this equipment. Endless possibilities. Yummy.