Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YouWorkForThem (YWFT) - Free Stuff!

I had the pleasure of seeing 
Mike Cina (one of the founders of YWFT) speak at a Tweed Museum Lecture series back during my undergrad. He was very inspiring and challenging. I remember he said, "80% of the work that you produce should be personal." Holy crap! (He told some crazy stories about him working 8-10 hours and day at some job, then coming home and working on personal design projects to like 2am?!)

Cina is a multi-discipline creative. Graphic design, typography, motion graphics, and spinning house music. Yes, house music. Awesome. Gnarly. (That's probably why I like Tycho/ISO50 so much as well - Designer/Musician)

He also inspired me to start carrying around a small notebook to capture creative thoughts, ideas, photos, scraps, drawings, ideas, textures, etc. I still do that today.

Typeface: Skute

"YouWorkForThem is an award-winning group of artists that produce some of the most groundbreaking design work available today. Our website not only showcases products such as typeface, stock design, art prints, and t-shirts produced exclusively by the group themselves, but also offers an impressive selection of books, magazines, videos and more featuring the best in contemporary design from around the world."

So head on over to either site, peruse their excellent collection of vectors, books, publications, typefaces, brushes, etc ... oh, and grab some freebies while you're at it! Enjoy.

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