Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cinthia Wen - 504 Hours

An amazing piece of work by Cinthia Wen. I stumbled across this fantastic piece of work in FontShop's free mailer "007" on page 22. Here is the excerpt on her piece from FontShop.

"How are you feeling right now? That's the question graphic designer Cinthia Wen asked herself every hour for 21 days. The answer is an astounding peek into a designer's diary and a roller-coaster ride across 504 hours of emotional ups and downs. Wen transplanted the results, her personal reflections, into a poster where each day is broken into a simple bar graph. Over 90 different colors are used to represent the varying shades of 13 different emotions ranging from peaceful to exhausted to agitated. Move through a day in the life, Wen's visual guide tracks activities like sleep, work, relaxation, and entertainment. She punctuates these with line work that announces random bouts of revelation, panic, or intoxication."

I went a little wild with my LG Dare camera phone. But hey, they make great wallpaper on my phone. Really though, this is a great little piece of work. I inspired me to think of some sort of data collection process/project that I could use as a wealth of information to put into a creative format visually.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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