Thursday, March 18, 2010

I just started a fresh Moleskine notebook

I forgot to share these.

I love new beginnings. There are few things as satisfying as taking the shrink wrap off of a brand new Moleskine notebook, hearing the spine crack as you open it, and then smelling it. My staple Moleskine is the large squared notebook. It has the smaller line spacing so that I can write more on a page (I write small), plus the vertical lines give me the mental freedom to make sketches or any other doodles without stressing about 'messing up the page', etc.

This new notebook is the one that Moleskine sent me directly from Milan, Italy as a replacement for my last one that had some ink smudge defects on a few pages. It makes it just that much more special.

I hope you get one soon and start your new beginnings ...


*Photo - Parker Stainless Steel Jotter, loaded with medium (1mm) blue ink [ballpoint]

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