Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Entire Moleskine Notebook Collection

This is most of my collection of Moleskine notebooks. I think there are about 23+ in there. The other photo also includes my 3 Moleskine knockoffs in the foreground (2 Piccadilly notebooks [small & medium], and 1 large C.R. Gibson Markings notebook).

The notebooks in the first photo, from the top down:

4 Mini Rules Cahiers (2 blue, 2 black)
2 Pocket Plain Cahiers in Buff
1 Pocket Sketchbook
1 Pocket Softcover Squared
1 Pocket Project Planner
1 Pocket Japanese Album
2 City Notebooks (D.C. & NYC)
1 Pocket Softcover Planner + Notebook
1 Large Squared Cahier in Buff
1 Large Squared Cahier in Black

The next few are all Large Squared Hardcover notebooks with the exception of 1 Reporter, and 2 Ruled. And finally, at the bottom is 1 Large Squared Cahier in Black & 1 unopened Large Squared Hardcover.

Addicted. Not scared.

What's in your collection?

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